Laser Beam Delivery 38mm Series : 38mm Laser Beam Adapters, Clamps, Mounts, Beam Tubes



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38mm Laser Beam Adapters, Clamps, Mounts, Beam Tubes

Laser Beam Delivery Laser Bezel Adapters

38mm Accessories & Adapters

Alignment targets aid in the centering of the laser beam relative to the mechanical center of beam delivery components. The clear aperture series has two standard targets designed to satisfy most alignment needs. Both targets have an anodized aluminum construction with 0.9mm diameter brass crosshairs.


Laser Beam Bender Alignment Target (TGT-BBK-38)

    Haas Part #   USE    
TGT-BBK-19 Target   TGT-BBK-38   BBK-19 Beam Bender   BBK-19

Download installation instructions

  After removing the kinematic plate of the BBK-38, the beam bender Alignment Target is installed with cross-hairs in the same plane as the optic. Alignment between beam benders can be made without removing beam tubes.  


Laser Beam Bender Bore Sight Target (TGT-38)

    Haas Part #   USE    
TGT-BBK-19 Target   TGT-38   BBK-19 Beam Bender   Bore Sight Target TGT-38

Download technical drawing

  The BBK-38 bore Sight Target is designed to be used in bores of Ø1.5”. Can be used with Beam Tubes, BBK-38 or most any Ø1.5” clear aperture device.  


Optic Wrench

    Haas Part #   USE    
OW-110-092 Optic Wrench   OW-110-092       OW-110-092 Optic Wrench
  The optic wrench has an anodized aluminum construction and is specifically designed for tightening and loosening the focus lens of the PHA-19.  


 Additional options available upon request

We would be happy to discuss a custom designed solution that's right for any project, large or small. For additional information, contact a Haas Laser Technology sales representative today. (973) 598-1150


** Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult a Haas Laser Tech engineer for the latest specification changes or any additional assistance. **


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